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Grief is a natural response we all experience when faced with the loss of someone or something we love and value. Grief is painful, it affects every part of us and includes all of the thoughts, feelings and reactions we experience as a result of our loss. While grief is universal, the way in which a particular loss is experienced and expressed is unique to each individual.  

Initially Loss Triggers

  • A sense of shock, numbness.
  • Denial and disbelief.
  • Feel confused, fearful and uncertain.

This is nature’s way of temporarily protecting you from the full reality of your loss.

Symptoms of Loss and Grief may include:

  • Emotional responses such as sadness, pain, despair, anxiety, fear, anger, resentment, loneliness, depression, self-blame guilt, relief, hope or acceptance.
  • Physical responses such as loss of appetite, lack of energy, headaches, nausea, breathlessness, tightness in the chest, weight gain or loss, muscle aches and pain.
  • You may think you will never get over your loss, you may experience disbelief, preoccupation with your loss, have difficulty remembering things or concentrating and experience confusion
  • Behaviours you might notice include crying, difficulty sleeping, social withdrawal, restlessness, change in appetite, dreams or nightmares.

Time Heal All Wounds, or Does It

  • The length of the healing process is unique and does not follow a precise timetable.

Professional counselling help may be required

  • If your feelings remain at an intense level for a prolonged period
  • If you have no reaction at all to your loss experience and ‘life goes on as usual’.

Salvos Counselling offer trained counsellors who can provide support and comfort and help you to find other ways to manage especially if you are having trouble resolving the thoughts, feelings or behaviours connected with your loss.