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Anger is a natural and healthy emotion. However the way in which we express anger can have detrimental effects. Destructive anger does not allow us to express our anger in a way that allows for a healthy outcome. The Salvation Army Counselling Service is here to assist anyone who has concerns about their anger.

Destructive Anger

  • Chronic health problems just as cancer, heart disease, and mental health problems such as anxiety and depression, have been linked to anger problems.
  • We minimise or deny incidents which make us angry. Destructive anger occurs because we do not realise we are angry in the first place or why. We are reacting without knowing why.
  • Our inner self talk becomes increasingly hostile. Destructive anger begins in the chatter of our mind, if this chatter is hostile and destructive towards another person it will eventual rise to the surface of our lives.
  • We experience more frequent and intense outbursts of anger. Fits of verbal or physical rage allow us a sense of control. Until we learn healthy ways of expressing our anger we will continue to use destructive outbursts to gain control.
  • We use intimidating body language. Over 50 % of our communication occurs through body language. Destructive anger is commonly expressed by threatening or intimidating body language.

Salvos Counselling offers a professional counselling service to anyone who is concerned about their anger. Individual and group counselling for anger occurs across 13 sites in Eastern Australia.