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Here is a sample of what our satisfied clients * have said about our Professional Services Training Programs 


We Care (customised training for the NSW Department Family & Community Services Housing Contact Centre Managers & CSO's)


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This training is relevant to work functions of the HCC [Housing Contact Centre]. Trainers know their stuff and facilitate really well. They speak like normal people rather than Dr's which is appreciated. Look forward to cso's in my team attending having the opportunity to attend this training.- Participant 29/6/2016

I'm so thankful I was able to attend this training. It was quiet intense and alot to absorb in one day though it provided me a clearer understanding of what some of our clients’ may be experiencing, also acknowledging that our clients’ calling for help is not always an easy thing for them to do. The tools shown (e.g. breathing techniques) was a nice reminder for me to also use these in the workplace and not just at home.- Participant 29/6/2016

Although the topics covered were somewhat "heavy" emotionally, I believe the subject matter was covered appropriately and with relevance to the targeted audience's (CSO's) role. In relation to the timing -  Very broad and comprehensive subject matter that forms the basis of many tertiary degrees. Although the topics covered didn't go into too much detail, it was appropriate for the needs of the target trainees (CSOs) . Good mix of 'passive' and 'active' activities. - Participant 29/6/2016

This was fantastic but a lot to take in over 1 day, I would have liked more discussion and actual examples of how to incorperate (sic) this information into more meaningful conversations with our clients in a way that is a little more specific to our products and services - Participant June 2016

He was awesome, kept us all focused, and was the best trainer I have ever had - Participant 19/7/2016

The activities we completed really made an impact and helped me understand homelessness alot more. I really enjoyed this training and found it very benefical. I now have a better understanding of what to do in certain situations and also have a better understanding of our clients and their possible backgrounds. - Participant 19/7/2016

It was one of the best training sessions that I have attended all staff participated in group sessions and it was quite interesting with the different views of staff. Some staff had full knowledge of the issues being discussed and there was a lot of new staff that was able to benefit from knowledge from that staff. It was a very good training course and easy to follow and the trainer was excellent. - Participant 20/7/2016

The course was brilliant, I believe it has armed me with so much helpful knowledge. - Participant 20/8/2016

In summary:
We have had such a positive response from our employees in relation to the training.
The biggest issue seems to be time (is not enough) and one trainee would have liked more time spent with the role play for suicide call.- Kerry Paterson | Acting Learning & Development Team Leader, Department of Family & Community Services | Learning & Development


Employability Skills Training for JobActive Jobseekers

"I would highly recommend Salvos Counselling Professional Services for their ability to design and deliver training to meet your professional development goals."  Darren McGhee - Manager, The Salvation Army Youth Outreach Service

"I would highly recommend Salvos Counselling and their Professional Services Program."  Tony Haddad, Manager Burwood Salvation Army Employment Plus


Suicide Awareness & Prevention (formerly run as ALERT Workplace Health and Well Being)

"The ALERT program was extremely well received and I am sure will assist us in recognising and dealing with the signs of anxiety, depression and self-harm with those that are dear to us. I wish you well in rolling out this program and have no hesitation in recommending the ALERT message to any employer or community member."  Brad Turnbull, Financial Advisor, A&R Financial Planners 


Trauma Informed Care & Practice

"We found the program to go beyond our expectations in assisting staff to come to understand the trauma informed care principles and the impact of trauma upon our clientele. The feedback we received from staff indicated they found the workshop to be highly useful and effective. Many have indicated that they wish to attend the advanced training. The delivery of the workshop on the day was of the highest standard...Therefore I have no hesitation in recommending the Trauma Informed Care workshop by Salvos Counselling..."  Kianna Spicer - The Salvation Army

 "We were extremely satisfied with the quality and relevancy of the workshop, which was adapted to meet the unique needs of our school and organisation. The workshop developed our staff's understanding of the ongoing effect of trauma on young people, and the way this influences behaviour. It increased staff insight and empathy for the developmental,learning and social challenges faced by our studnets who have suffered trauma." Darren McGhee - Salvation Army Youth Outreach Service

" Having done past trauma workshops I felt that the information provided and tools to take away were by far the best I have seen" Program Participant

The program was "thought provoking. Lots of challenges to how we do things and how to do it better." - Program Participant


Managing Challenging Behaviour

"In a brief time,the presenter managed to address key issues of interest/concern to me. Thank you" Manager of a Financial Counselling Service

"Excellent, informative and relevant" Salvation Army Employee

"Absolutely loved this training" Programe Participant


Compassion Fatigue Resilience

"Salvos Training lived up to our expectations. Our staff were keen to learn about compassion fatigue and burnout and how to reduce the risk of it occurring in their lives and our organisation.

Jenny was an excellent trainer. She quickly built rapport with the group - learning everyone’s names - was confident and knowledgeable about the topic, engaging and appropriately responsive to questions and had plenty of activities for my staff to reflect on the material and apply it to their circumstances.

I thought the service you provided was good value for money, and I would highly recommend it to any community organisation that provides support and care for challenging clients."

Brett Mitchell Manager Granville Multicultural Centre 


Assertive Communication

“The workshop was very beneficial for my private and business life. I liked the techniques of anger management.”

Program Participant 


Workable Life

"Participants advise that they feel inspired and have lifted their self worth giving them the ability to focus on small goals to achieve their objectives."  Manager of an Employment Provider

"There has been a significant and noticeable increase in self confidence amongst the clients" 

Employment Consultant of an Employment Provider

“The Facilitator was very engaging, he could understand our situation. The interaction with others and hearing their opinions was very interesting. I think this will do a lot of good for me”.

Program Participant




*For privacy reasons (unless otherwise permitted) comments are not attributed. However all comments are from participants in our programs and are collected during our evaluation process using survey monkey.