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Salvos Training

Salvos Counselling has been approached to develop and run training events and workshops to meet the needs of staff working in the Social Services Sector. As this area of work has grown we have developed a well workforce focus which has resources that are accessible to The Salvation Army and other organisations and businesses to support staff and increase productivity.

These Include:

  • Insight Mental Health Awareness & Suicide Prevention



  • Professional Wellbeing and Resilience 
  • Trauma Informed Practice
  • Professional Boundaries
  • Managing Challenging Behaviour
  • Managing Challenging Staff (&/or Volunteer) Behaviour
  • Working With Grief


  • Incident Recovery 1St Aid 


We also provide the opportunity to work with us to create training packages and events that meet the specific needs of your workforce.

  • One off Training Events
  • Team Training Packages
  • Health and Safety or Wellbeing Workshops
  • Conference or Forum Streams
  • Corrective Action or Quality Improvement Needs

Click on the Calendar to see current available Training  

Training Calendar for people External to The Salvation Army


Contact our Training Coordinators to discuss how we can add value to your organisation.

NSW/ACT Warren Draney - 0437 514 424

QLD Michael Schaefer - 0436 191 328