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Recruitment and Professional Development Support

Salvos Counselling has partnered with Harrison Assessments Talent Management Solutions.

We did so because we believe in the importance of getting recruitment right and found this approach to be cost effective and flexible. We use it ourselves and would like to help you attract and keep the talent you need to succeed.


We can provide you with recruitment support that is individually tailored to your needs as an employer and highlights the specific requirements of the role. Basing its assessments on actual behaviour rather than personality types you can easily find the right person to fill any vacancy and be confident that they will be the right fit.

With Harrison we can provide;

Our suite of solutions is underpinned by Harrison's proprietary Smart Questionnaire & Job Success Formulas using their Paradox Technology & Enjoyment-Performance Methodology.


For more information call us to discuss your recruitment needs and find out how we can support you.

Have we piqued your interest? Click here to try out for FREE the Harrison Assessments Smart Questionnaire

For clarity seeing and experiencing the Harrison Assessments Smart Questionnaire is FREE, however accessing the Reports and associated analysis that flow from the questionnaire are available for a fee. The fee payable is dependent on your requirements as there are mutlipe reports that can be generated from the questionnaire.

Call us today to discuss your particular requirements.

NSW/ACT enquiries please call Warren Draney - 0437 514 424

QLD enquiries please call Michael Schaefer - 0436 191 328