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Professional Supervision


Salvos Counselling can provide the opportunity for clinical, professional and pastoral supervision with our qualified supervisors.

Clinical Supervision

As a member of a professional body you will have a requirement of professional supervision hours. Salvos Counselling offers qualified clinical supervisors who can assist you to develop professionally and support your clients.

Pastoral Supervision

Supervision is a safe, confidential relationship that provides a regular opportunity to reflect on one’s ministry and professional relationships, receive feedback, gain perspective and learn skills. As a Christian Counselling provider we are able to support you with the unique and challenging journey of Ministry.


There are different types of Supervision.

  1. Individual Supervision, where the supervisee normally has a one hour face to face session with their supervisor. In this setting, the supervisee is supported and encouraged to work more effectively to explore different ways of working with a difficult case or work environment.
  1. Group Supervision, where a group of supervisees attend the same supervision on a regular basis. This group normally is led by a qualified supervisor. The size of the group can vary from 4 to 6 supervisees. In this setting, the supervisees are journeying together and learning from one another.
  1. Online Supervision, Salvos Counselling has the facilities to conduct pastoral and clinical supervision online.