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Critical Incident debriefing

Salvos Counselling Critical Incident Debriefing Service

Salvos Counselling knows how important it is for people to recieve support when they have been involved in a situation that causes physical, psychological or emotional harm.



Debriefing is a component of critical incident management and can be described as psychological first aid. Critical Incidents are challenging events that have the potential to create significant human distress and can overwhelm someone's usual coping strategies. The reaction to the event can be described as a NORMAL reaction to an ABNORMAL event.  

In the face of such an event, normal coping skills may be diminished, or in fact fail, and there can be evidence of significant distress, impairment and dysfunction.

Debriefing is a short term helping process designed to mitigate the crisis response.  It aims to stabilize, bring symptom reduction, return to healthy functioning or to refer for continued care, if appropriate. 

It has been shown to reduce rates of abseteeism after and incident occurs and safeguards the wellbeing of the individuals involved.


For support after a Critical Incident has occurred call us on 1300 615 160