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Who we are

As  Christian Counsellors we are about people finding freedom from the things that hold them back; seeing people find freedom and hope to live life to the full.

We understand that coming for counselling can be difficult, however everyone has times in their life when talking to a trained counsellor can be helpful.

Salvos Counselling is committed to giving the highest quality of care and maintaining strict confidentiality. Each of our counsellors has the qualifications and requirements necessary to meet the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA) entry requirements. In addition we also have a few registered psychologists among our ranks who are members of the Australian Psychology Society.

We are non-judgemental and place value and importance on each and every client as an individual, tailoring our sessions to meet your needs.

We have thirteen offices across Eastern Australia with over twenty five counsellors. People from all walks of life with a variety of issues are seen on a daily basis.